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Digital Clock Designer
Countdown Timer, Digital Clock for Desktop Software, World Clock Face
Countdown Timer, Digital Clock for Desktop Software, World Clock Face
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Countdown Timer, Digital Clock for Desktop Software, World Clock Face Countdown Timer, Digital Clock for Desktop Software, World Clock Face Countdown Timer, Digital Clock for Desktop Software, World Clock Face Countdown Timer, Digital Clock for Desktop Software, World Clock Face Countdown Timer, Digital Clock for Desktop Software, World Clock Face
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Moiré 'Lectronics, Digital Clock Designer
Desktop Clock Software for Windows PCs
  • Digital Clock Designer is a Unique Digital Clock for Desktop Software Application Program that is a Fully Sizeable to Full Screen, 24-hour Analog Clock Face, Digital Clock, NIST Time Sync Atomic Clock, Reading Clock, 51-Voice 11-Language Synthesized Speech Talking Clock, Alarm for Desktop Clock, Desktop Clock, Countdown Timer Clock, Custom Clock, World Clock on Day/Night Map of Earth, Desktop Calendar, Animated Clock Screensaver Clock, Ticker Clock, Binary Clock, Hexadecimal Clock, Swatch Time Clock, Internet Time Clock, Picture Clock, TimeClock, World Clocks, Wallpaper and Desktop Software for Windows XP/Vista/7, Clock on PC Computer Desktops that is Extremely Accurate and can be Opaque, Transparent or Translucent.

  • Uses CRC32, MD5 and SHA-1 checksums and an Integrated Digital Signature file to ensure that files are 100% secure and un-altered from the original compiled image to verify that they are absolutely virus free.
  • Does not use, endorse, advertise or download any other software such as Adware or Spyware.
  • Customizable to any design and style with every characteristic of the Digital and Analog Clocks being designable, such as color, size, complication selection, font, character set, transparency and translucency.
  • 6 Color selection modes (palettes) to choose colors from; Neon, HTML (Web), System, Normal, Pastel and Shades of the background color.
  • Colors from other applications can be captured and pasted into Digital Clock Designer's individual items.
  • Individual colors can be copied in 2 modes (HTML and standard) and pasted to other Digital Clock Designer items or other applications.
  • Automatic hourly time setting via the highly accurate U.S. Government's NIST time servers with accuracies usually within 50 milliseconds!
  • Automatic time settings can be limited from 1 to 900 seconds (15 minutes).
  • System time can be offset ahead or behind real time by up to 900 seconds (15 minutes).
  • Displayed time can be offset per scheme by up to 12 hours.
  • All time settings, whether they are generated by Digital Clock Designer or not, are entered into a very detailed log.
  • All design settings are saved as up to 36 schemes that can be easily accessed and selected at anytime.
  • Schemes can be imported and exported to share with other Digital Clock Designer users or downloaded from the website.
  • Full-featured synthetic speech / text to speech function that reads the clipboard, files, e-mail, typed text or local time on the 1/2 and full hour.
  • Press F7 to read text copied to the clipboard or F12 to read the current time and date out loud.
  • Digital Clock Designer can use speech synthesis to spell a group of selected words or a single word.
  • The spelling of words can use a selectable slower speed and pitch to enhance the clarity of spelled words.
  • Speech function can read a message to an audio 'wav' file to be used as an audio message for the timer, chimes or alarm.
  • The speech pitch, words per minute and volume are all adjustable for all voices / TTS / text-to-speech engines.
  • Animated face over the Analog Clock Face when Talking or Reading.
  • 51 voices in 11 languages are available here from the Digital Clock Designer website and they are all free!
  • Any picture from the local computer can be dragged and dropped to Digital Clock Designer to be used as a background.
  • Use the built in Picture Grabber to grab any picture from the internet using any 'Drag and Drop' or 'Copy and Paste' capable browser and show it on the Digital Clock Designer background.
  • Unknown files that do not have an extension that are dragged and dropped to Digital Clock Designer will automatically be read to determine there type and then the appropriate extension will be appended to the file name.
  • The background picture can be tiled up to 625 (25 by 25) times, alternately flipped, positioned, sized, zoomed and rotated 90°.
  • Over 200 filters and effects can be applied to the background picture.
  • The background can be saved as a picture file or to the desktop's wallpaper that can be stretched or tiled to an absolute perfect fit.
  • The Digital and Analog Clocks can be shown full screen or anywhere on the desktop, can even show time as a minimized icon.
  • Full Screen Digital Clocks and Full Screen Analog Clocks can be shown with a feature to lockout the computer. Independent from Window's lockout feature.
  • Multiple ways to hide from view to minimize visual obstruction; stay on bottom, auto fade to zero visibility, auto slide off any desktop edge or stay-on-top-click-through as if it's not even there.
  • Digital and Analog Clocks can also be set to be always on top to make them always visible.
  • Full-featured alarm that plays any sound or movie file, reads a message, dials a phone number or starts a program.
  • Alarm can be set to wake the computer from hibernate or standby 90 seconds before the alarm goes off so it does not need to stay on all the time while waiting for the alarm.
  • Alarm can be variably snoozed.
  • Alarm can be set or snoozed with 'quick set' buttons.
  • Analog and Digital Clocks can chime on the 1/4, 1/2 and full hour.
  • Time can be read out loud on the 1/2 hour, date can be read out loud on the hour.
  • Chimes, ticking and speech can be silenced when time is within a user-selectable 'night-time' time frame or if the alarm is active.
  • All sounds can be optionally played for all users or just the current user.
  • All movie and sound files are selectable.
  • Plays nearly all sound and movie formats including mp3s.

Countdown Timer / Countdown Clock

  • Countdown Timer / Countdown Clock feature that counts up or down from a preset time and plays any sound file at count down completion.
  • Volume settings for all audio features.
  • Digital and Analog Clocks can be sized or arranged in any position on the display window either using buttons in the design panel or the ctrl-left mouse and shift-left mouse key combinations.
  • Complications include three sizes of round or square indexing dots, indexing lines by minute or hour, sunburst, hour and minute numbers that can be rotated or inverted, indexing strip, logos, Roman numerals and a yin-yang.
  • Several hand styles and a gauged or swept second hand.
  • Digital and Analog Clocks can show time in 12 or 24-hour mode.
  • Analog Clock can show a full 24-hour day, with Noon on the top or bottom or just the normal 12 hours.
  • Analog Clock can be displayed in reversed for a special effect.
  • Display window can be borderless or have rounded corners.
  • Optional status bar to indicate current scheme number, Alarm Clock time, timer time or real time and the idle timeout to the screensaver.
  • All forms can magnetically stick to each other or the desktop edges.
  • Digital Clocks can select from 40 date formats and 28 time formats.
  • Time formats can show time as decimal Day, Hours, Minutes or Seconds of the day or Year, Months, Weeks or Days of the Year 

Binary Clock, Hexadecimal Clock

  • Time formats can also show time as a Digital Binary Clock, Digital Hexadecimal Clock, Swatch Time Clock, Internet Time Clock, Digital Time Clocks, Novelty Clocks.
  • Digital Clocks can select from 60 border styles, multiple 3D effects, 8 gradient patterns, transparent or opaque.
  • In addition to pictures, the background can be 1 of several effects: tiled Yin-Yangs or Smileys, Gradient, Rainbow, Picture Collage or a grass effect.
  • Animated effects of snow, chaotic bouncing balls or glass.
  • Animated Chaser, the 'tick' of the second sound is synchronized left, right or both.
  • Animated Ticker, displays moving text across the display window with customizable text, style, speed, step size and direction.
  • Beautiful unobstructed world map displaying the current solar positioning in real time with a day / night earth shadow.
  • Solar positioning can be animated to show the sun’s changing position hourly, daily or weekly.
  • Computer World Clocks can be shown on 8 different World Maps on the World Map Desktop
  • World map shows the time, adjusted for daylight saving time, for up to 24 cities at a time, selected from a database of over 600.
  • Up to 24 customizable Aanalog or Digital World Clocks.
  • Digital World Clocks are 12 or 24-hour mode selectable.
  • Computer World Clocks can be ‘active’ or not to indicate times that are within a selectable time frame, such as 9a to 5p business hours.
  • World Clocks can be sorted, sized and positioned.
  • All World Clocks are on the re-sizable main display window to allow ease of sizing and moving.
  • Designed for PCs running Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows XP and Vista.
  • Compatible with PCs running Microsoft Windows 98, Millennium and 2000.

Digital Clock Designer also includes these fully integrated tools:

  • Time Stamps, fully customizable to paste into your documents.
  • Full Function Screensaver, Display Full Screen Clocks using any Scheme or World Clocks map, independent of Windows' Screensaver.
  • Calendar, 1 to 12 months with a holidays list and lots of information on any range of selected dates.

Desktop Calendar and Wallpaper 

  • Desktop Calendar, a fully customizable desktop calendar that shows on Windows' desktop wallpaper.
  • Time Calculator, calculate the time difference between 2 dates or times.
  • Unique Quantity-Limited Popup Closer, based entirely on a selectable limit of how many Internet Explorer objects are allowed to be open. -No need to set the name of each IE window to close. Also, the last opened IE window only can be manually closed with the click of a button.
  • Save Current List of Opened Internet Explorer Windows, this list can be used to restore the current Internet Explorer session at a later time.
  • Full Screen Lockout, using a very secure Digital Clock Designer password, the computer can be locked independent of Windows' screensaver lockout feature. While locked-out, visitors to your computer can leave you messages. Failed attempts are logged.
  • CD and DVD Drawer Control, open or close all the CD and DVD drives at once with one click.
  • Hide the Desktop, temporarily hide or show the desktop icons.

For a Limited Time, Digital Clock Designer Includes Demos of these Tools:

  • Magnifier, drag the window over what you want magnified. Large scale of selectable magnifications. Save or print the magnified image.
  • Automatic Shutdown, customizable, timed automatic or manual shutdown, hibernate, stand-by, logoff and reboot.
  • Notes Share, paste any notes, text, pictures, data or hyper-links that you come across while using your computer that you want saved. Changes are saved immediately as indicated by a red or green light. Specifically designed to allow the sharing of these notes between users of the same computer. Includes a deluxe word count and number to words converter.
  • Online Notify, indicate when the computer is back online with a spoken message.
  • Global Search, use any one of over 30 search engines to search for text. Easily jump to another engine to compare search results.
  • Secure Delete, securely delete selectable Windows generated temporary files, folders and registry settings. Securely delete custom files and folders. Overwrite some open files such as viruses. Optionally delete selected files for all users. Generate a thorough log of all deleted files. Files flagged for delete at restart will be deleted by Windows if the 'Secure Deletion' option is off, otherwise, they will be silently 'Securely Deleted' by Digital Clock Designer when it starts-up. No need to implicitly run the scan again after restart.
  • Memory Usage, show a graphic and text display of 3 types of memory usage.
  • Password Revealer, reveal most non-browser based password boxes that display asterisks instead of the password.
  • Empty Folders and Files Finder and Deleter, (Registered Users Only) scan any folder for zero-length files and folders that have no files. Delete (Registered Users Only) one, none or all that were found. Also, can scan the "Program Files" folder for folders that may be obsolete or remnants from incomplete uninstalls.





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